About Us

Architect Plan is the premier online store in South Africa for pre-designed house plans that are ready to be built. At Architect Plan, we have the expertise to transform your architectural aspirations into tangible reality in a remarkably short time and at a significantly lower cost. Our collection comprises more than 1180 houses that have already been constructed from our designs, ensuring that you’ll find a plan that perfectly suits your requirements.

At Architect Plan, we offer a range of plans that have been designed and documented by a Professional Architect. Our architect is registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP), ensuring that our plans meet the highest industry standards. When you purchase our plans, you are not only receiving the documentation and designs but also benefit from the architect’s extensive experience in the architectural and house building industry. Our plans are a product of years of experience and refined architectural quality.

Our website offers a flexible fee structure that can assist you in achieving your dream home while staying within your budget. You have the freedom to choose from pre-drawn building plan designs that cater to your needs if you have a limited architectural budget. Alternatively, we can create a custom design based on your specifications and unique preferences.

On our website, you have the opportunity to select and buy the construction plans that best suit your needs, at a significantly reduced price compared to the cost of building your dream home. Upon purchasing a house plan that is ready for construction, you will be given the option to pay using a credit card or through EFT. Depending on the package you choose, you will receive all the necessary plans and documentation via email.

At Architect Plan, we do not provide local building authority submission services for any plans purchased through our website. To submit the plans to your local building council, you will need to consult a SACAP registered professional architect who can match your purchased plan to your desired site. If needed, we can provide this service to you at an additional cost.