It is essential to carefully review all the information and advice provided on our website before making a purchase. The information presented on this website serves as a general guideline and does not intend to provide comprehensive advice or documentation. We highly recommend seeking professional advice for specific matters. Architect Plan, its employees, and Associates explicitly disclaim any liability for the consequences of actions taken or omitted to be taken in reliance upon the contents of this website or the building plans purchased from Architect Plan.

The Architect Plan team and Associates have dedicated significant effort and care to the design, documentation, and layouts of our house plans available on our website. However, due to our inability to provide on-site supervision, consultation, and control over the construction process, as well as the various variances in local building requirements, practices, soil conditions, seismic activities, weather conditions, or any other factors, we cannot offer any warranty or take responsibility, whether express or implied, regarding the content or use of our plans, documentation, or services. This includes, but is not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Please note that slight variances may occur between the information and plans presented on the website and the actual building plans you receive. These variances may include, but are not limited to, floor areas, dimensions, building costs, construction methods, etc.

Unless the buyer has chosen to appoint Architect Plan to complete the site and drainage plans for their specific plot, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to complete the site plan and drainage layout on the building plans for their particular site, submit and obtain approval from the local authority, and pay all applicable fees to the local authority, the NHBRC, and any other relevant entities. All fees payable, including but not limited to those charged by the local authority and the NHBRC, are the responsibility of the homeowner.


The house designs presented on our website are protected under the Copyright law of South Africa and may not be copied or reproduced in any way or form, using any means. We grant authorization for the use of the chosen design solely for the construction of a single-family home. If you wish to use the purchased design on another plot or in any other manner, you must purchase another set of plans from Architect Plan’s website. You may not use this design to build a second or multiple dwellings without another plan purchase, as specified in the agreements above and in accordance with the Copyright law of South Africa.


Architect Plan’s building plans comply with the South African National Building Regulations. However, we do not provide any warranty regarding compliance with the building regulations, codes, and conditions of any country outside South Africa, nor guarantee approval by any foreign local authority.


The following SANS 10400 notes are important to consider when purchasing a plan from the Architect Plan website:

  • Building plans do not account for or indicate cavity walls, which are required for coastal areas, especially in the West and Southern Cape.
  • Regulation 1(g) mandates a competent person to inspect the building work periodically and issue a completion certificate. The application of this regulation may vary among different local authorities, and it is unclear if it will be strictly enforced for single dwelling construction projects. If required by the Local Authority, SACAP registered professionals from the Architect Plan network can be appointed to provide this service. The cost for the service would be agreed upon directly with the professional.
  • It is strongly advised to contact your local authority and discuss the plan approval and construction processes before ordering a plan.
  • Architect Plan will provide the necessary documentation from the architect for the new submission. However, if an engineer’s form is required, a local engineer must be appointed to fulfill this duty.

The SANS 10400 Building Regulations now require not only a registered architect to certify the building plans for approval at any local authority but also to regularly inspect the construction work during the building process and at completion, certifying compliance with SANS 10400. Architect Plan can supply and certify the building plans for approval but does not offer the service of certifying compliance with the building work. The homeowner must appoint a local SACAP registered professional at their own expense for this purpose. Architect Plan can provide a list of professionals in the area where the house will be built for the homeowner to contact regarding this matter.